MVDM Consultants
Legal Consulting Excellence

About Us

We are a legal consultancy (not a law firm) that will aid and assist you or your company with any legal requirements you may have that fall under our terms of available services and specialised areas of practice such as corporate and labour law.

Our services to you are preferably handled out of court in order to cut the burden of rising legal costs, rendering our services and your legal requirements as cost effective to you as possible. Should any case we handle on your behalf require litigation, we will proceed with our trusted litigation partners which further ensures your case is handled to best benefit your interests in the matter.

Our services are provided to you using alternative fee-agreements to best suite your individual legal needs.

Our current client basis consists of not only individuals, but South African entities and local corporations, government organisations and entrepreneurs.

Each service category is attended to with innovation and a more practical approach to law, delivering on the needs of our clients, applicable to the modern day company/individual found within the diversity of South Africa.